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Interchange Plus Pricing

     Processing Solutions Inc. will extend the most cost effective wholesale pricing program to independent gas stations that prefer to avoid downgrade surcharges and would rather pay the true interchange cost for each card type plus a small discount rate on top of interchange for maximum savings.  The First Data accounts are boarded on Omaha but bridged to the BuyPass Atlanta platform for integrated c-store retail and pay-at-the-pump accounts that support the new regulated debit/check card interchange rates of 0.05% and $0.21 per transaction for both CPS/Automated Fuel Dispenser (AFD), Debit and CPS/Service Station, Debit. Our Debit Encryption is CARLTON 501



How does this compare to your current pricing or the pricing at your other gas station?  If you are currently on tiered pricing and haven’t switched processors since the government began regulating debit processing rates under the Durbin Amendment, you could probably save a bundle assuming average tickets greater than $25.

The true interchange rate for Visa consumer credit cards is 1.15% and $0.25 per transaction for both CPS/Automated Fuel Dispenser (AFD) and CPS/Service Station.



We then add a fraction of a percent and a few pennies to each transaction in order to maintain a small profit margin for providing the service.

If you would like we also provide an in-depth, side-by-side rate review and comparison 


Interchange plus pricing is almost always better for the merchant.  Let us show you how.