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Processing Solutions Inc Fully Supports Verifone through our First Data Buypass Platform


     We know what it takes to seamlessly switch the credit card processing to your bank account when you takeover an existing gas station.  We work with Verifone Authorized Service Contractors (VASCs) across the country in all 50-states to make the process of changing integrated pay-at-the-pump merchant accounts quick and easy. 

     When you take over an existing gas station that was previously branded, new BuyPass Generic Software is often required.  We can help you buy new  software and get a trained local technician to come out and reload the software, install a datawire micronode, and configure everything to work with your new First Data Buypass merchant account.  VASCs are trained to troubleshoot, service and support Verifone integrated petroleum and convenience systems.  If you already have registered Verifone software and are current with your service contract, switching is even easier; it can be done with phone support in less than 30 minutes.

Compatible EMV Pin Pads with the Verifone Point of Sale


Verifone MX850+ Series

The ultra-durable MX 850+ has an ultra-crisp, full-color, touch-screen display, a powerful payment processing engine, a convenient keypad for secure PIN entry, and ATM-style prompt keys. Its integrated, multi-lane infrastructure enhances the consumer experience and speeds up the checkout proces

verifone pin pad model vx805

Verfione VX805

Verifone's VX 805 contactless PIN pad provides precisely what you need, and nothing you don't. This incredibly convenient payment device allows merchants to process a range of transactions through multiple connectivity options, while offering NFC & EMV technology for mobile payments.

verifone mx915 pinpad

Verifone MX915 Pinpad

Verifone’s MX 915 delivers a rich media experience with a brilliant, 4.3" color display, powerful processor and generous memory. This elegantly designed, sleek and space-saving unit is NFC/contactless enabled and supports full motion video – driving new revenue opportunities while enhancing customer interaction.


Pin Debit Encryption is Carlton 501


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imagine of Verifone Ruby
Verifone EMV Roadmap Topaz
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